Dining à la mode

A talented team of 20 led by French Corporate Chef, Gilles Bosquet, pay homage to the brand’s cosmopolitan roots while injecting an inimitable flare to do what La Cantine does best.

The menu packs a punch with a range of delicacies from land and sea, pivoting from a ‘truffle wagyu beef carpaccio ’ to ‘spicy tuna, yuzu tobiko maki roll’, ’whole king crab leg, spicy mayonnaise ’ to ‘ melon and ham raspberry dressing’.

Chef Bosquet has injected his own signature dishes to ensure diners feel his creativity in action. From his ‘honey short ribs with pomelo and pomegranate ’ to the‘ yellowfin tuna ceviche with sesame, avocado, sweet onion vinaigrette’, diners will be spoilt for choice.

The Mykonos restaurant, a multi-sensory space designed with contemporary minimalism will draw on its global success and dedicated fan base, a chic, eclectic clientele of savvy cocktail lovers, trend-setters, connoisseurs, and people of influence.